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Traditional Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are just that: places where children live together and go to school. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) lists approximately 300 mainstream, non-therapeutic schools. Roughly 40,000 students, from the US and abroad, attend. The boarding school year mirrors the North American public and parochial school calendar – Fall to Spring, summer off. Some boarding schools also operate special academic programs in the summer months. Others run arts or sports camps.

Each institution’s academic and residential culture is unique.  Mason Associates’ commitment to help parents find the right “fit” between their child and a school has been refined and honed by over 30 years of consulting practice.  Our familiarity with the schools and their admissions procedures is comprehensive.

Some schools only accept students in the spring of the year they plan to attend.  Others may still be considering candidates into late summer.  Many will consider new enrollments at trimester or semester breaks, usually after the Christmas vacation. Some even have “rolling’ admissions.

How To Choose A Boarding School

by Ben Mason

About Boarding School
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Types of Traditional Boarding Schools

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The Placement Process

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Our Boarding School Placements

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