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If that was my kid, I'd put him right in Ben's hands. I trust him and his team without hesitation.

Professor of Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

They asked all the right questions, including some we'd never been asked before. No wonder they're so well-regarded in the field. 

Development economist

Swanton, VT

All the schools' websites looked great, but Ben's been around long enough to really know what's what. His help saved us a lot of time. We used them for our second daughter, too. 

Managing partner

Boston Law Firm

We were lost until we hired Mason Associates. Their clinical backgrounds, team approach, and first-hand knowledge got us sorted out quickly. It was amazing how quickly they cut through to the essential details of the problem and then came up with a plan that worked for our whole family.


Greenwich, CT

We were hopelessly stuck until they helped us reframe the problem. After a couple of years of floundering and impasse, our son is now back on track.

Clinical psychologist

Newton, MA

Services for Adolescents

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Services for Young Adults

  Failure to Launch

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