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The Placement Process

Boarding schools present many different sizes, shapes and (most importantly) cultures. If the “fit” between the student and the school is right, the student can have a fabulous experience. If it is wrong, parents, child and school may share an expensive and possibly wounding mistake. 

Choosing a boarding school should be a very deliberate proposition: the application and interview process is now more competitive and demanding than ever. Mason Associates consultants have been assisting clients with boarding school selection and admissions for more than 20 years. Our record of success is unparalleled.

The experts at Mason Associates will thoughtfully and professionally guide you through the process of placing your child in the boarding school that represents the best fit for him or her. Described below is the boarding school placement process:

  1. Decide. Identify your and your child’s needs, goals, and expectations via an interview process.

  2. Evaluate. Review and evaluate school records, facilitate additional testing, conduct a parent/student strategy meeting.

  3. Present. Prepare a suggested list of schools, facilitate visits, role-play admission interviews with student.

  4. Status. Conduct a debrief on school visits with parents and student, formulate final application list.

  5. Apply. Monitor application process, coordinate testing, supervise references, ongoing contact with schools, manage deadlines.

  6. Choose. Assess acceptances, advise on re-visits, review financial aid offers, endorse acceptance, and informally monitor placement.


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