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A Service of Mason Associates

After a successful stay at a residential treatment program or wilderness program, many of our young adult clients wish to return to college or graduate school to continue the pursuit of their studies. DIII is a service of Mason Associates and provides assessment, perspective, candor, and trustworthy consulting advice and services to families and emerging adults in order to help find the right college or graduate school for students after treatment. 

We serve as liaison between program clinicians, discharge planners, students, their families, and Collegiate Recovery Programs. We save our clients time and distraction as we guide them through the college selection, application, and decision-making process. 

Himself a "complicated" kid (ADHD, held back, expulsions, gap year, etc.), Ben Mason later obtained Undergraduate (History) and Graduate (Education) degrees from Harvard and also attended the Columbia Business School. He has lived and well understands "the corkscrew path". His team approach has been helping families for more than thirty years.

The team maintains total independence and professional objectivity by receiving compensation only from our client families. We do not accept payment from providers or other vested interests.

When you work with DIII, you access thirty years of experience in the educational and therapeutic industries and our goals with each client is to:

  • Improve academic success

  • Restore personal agency

  • Maintain sobriety

We help you sort through the options and make the best choice for college or graduate school by providing the following services:

  • Transcript review

  • Test analysis

  • Aptitude and vocational inventories

  • Essay writing assistance

  • Interview coaching

  • Financial and strategic planning

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