Emotional Growth (EG) Boarding Schools


These schools best serve children who have experienced slower social-emotional development, often because of dysfunction in the home environment (divorce, death or significant loss, other family issues), or whose developmental milestones have been delayed by substance abuse, trauma, learning disabilities or other factors.

Some families want their children to attend schools that emphasize group process over individual programming. The EG curriculum is considered a distinct program element with the result that the average length of stay in these schools is increased to 15 to 22 months. Personal therapies are limited, as is parent access at the beginning.

The quality and economic viability of these schools has been problematic. They represented a breakthrough in adolescent treatment twenty years ago, but today some are closing for lack of business while others are still doing great work. Careful analysis and a recent visit are two of the key elements in picking the right placement in an EG school.

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