Welcome to the web site of Mason Associates, specialist educational consultants.

Mason Associates is a team of experienced educational consultants specializing in:

  • Boarding School Placements, primarily for boarding schools in the US and Canada from grades 3 to Post Graduate. We also provide international boarding school placements and advice to staff of international schools.
  • Help for Troubled Teens, including therapeutic interventions, short-term programs and longer-term residential options for underachieving, self-destructive and struggling students.
  • Wilderness programs for children, adolescents and young adults, with and without substance abuse treatment.

We work best with parents who are comfortable using professionals to help solve problems. Most of our families have considered everything available locally and on the web to help them help their child; they often are exhausted and stymied. Mason Associates’ experienced personnel and 20 years of specialized service to clients enable us to help parents and their advisors quickly find safe, workable solutions, even in the most difficult situations.

Mason Associates has offices in Massachusetts and Vermont. We have clients throughout the US, Canada and worldwide -- and we will travel anywhere in the world, on short notice, to meet with a family. We quickly and efficiently find options for parents who need to create new solutions for their child.

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