For Parents

As parents ourselves, and as specialist educational advisors to thousands of parents like you for more than twenty years, we know how it can feel to be overwhelmed.

Are you...

  • Out of local resources that might work for your youngster?
  • Overwhelmed by the number and variety of same-sounding options for your child?
  • Exhausted by “analysis paralysis” brought on by constant study of Internet sites?
  • Frustrated by the conflicting opinions of so-called “experts”?
  • Ready to work with experienced educational and clinical professionals to find lasting solutions to your child’s problems?

Our sole focus is working with families like yours!

Is your child...

  • Needing more than the local schools can provide?
  • Ready to reach a higher potential in academics, arts, or sports?
  • Frustrated, underachieving, angry or losing interest in school?
  • Unmotivated, making bad decisions or heading off-track?
  • Beginning to hang with the wrong crowd or becoming more and more isolated?
  • Upsetting other members of the family and/or creating strains in the marriage?

We can help.

What Can Mason Associates Do for Your Child?

  • Support you and your family throughout the process
  • Identify schools and programs that are safe and effective
  • Advise on the intricacies of application and acceptance
  • Help with financial and legal options
  • Facilitate interview and entrance procedures
  • Introduce you to specialists to join the team
  • Follow-up and maintain communication during placement

CONTACT US: Call Mason Associates at 802-425-7600 to discuss the services we can provide your child -- or use the online inqury form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. There is no charge for the inquiry. References gladly provided upon request.

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